Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wedding Carriage Rides- Beaver Creek and Vail

~Vail ~ Beaver Creek ~ Colorado

Take your first moments as husband and wife in an open horse drawn carriage ride. Bearcat Stables offers carriage rides from the Vail and Beaver Creek Chapels in the Vail Valley.  We provide a skilled and professional driver and two of our beautiful Percheron horses. 

Perfect for weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, romantic engagement proposals, or just because you love someone.

One hour minimum- starting at $600/hr
Delivery of horses and carriage to approved venue
Available in Vail/Beaver Creek Village areas

For more information visit our website
or call 970-376-3591

Monday, April 20, 2015

Trail Riding 101: Part 1- The Cowboy Hat

Here in the Vail Valley we get visitors from all over the world looking for an authentic 'Wild West' experience when they come to visit us at the Stables. Of course we are happy to oblige and share with our visitors and guests the 'Cowboy Experience'. Our Trail Riding 101 series will get you out on the trail ready for your adventure in comfort, style and preparedness (you just never know when its gonna rain in Colorado). 

The Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is big business in the world of cowboys. Your hat is statement of YOU, whether it is used for function or fashion. From the color you pick to the brim style you ride with, its all about you. That is the beauty of the Cowboy Hat, each and everyone is different. Here are a few helpful tips to get you matched up with your Cowboy Hat.

Felt or Straw? Felt hats have been booming since John Stenson started manufacturing felt hats back in the 1860's, Stenson is considered the modern inventor of the cowboy hat. Felt hats were more commonly used in the winter time to help keep your head warmer and dryer, but now felt hats are seen and used all year round. They come in a variety of colors too, black, beige and brown are the most popular, but if fashion is more your thing there is a hat color out there for you!
Straw hats were considered summer hats, they are lighter and breathe a little easier. Straw hat quality is determined by the tightness of the weave. Again straw hats come in a variety of neutral colors from beige to brown, but dyed straw hats are easy to find. Felt or straw is up to you, or get one of each to start your collection. 

Brim styles are plentiful, but most commonly brims are more narrow in the front and widen out towards the back. Some like to opt for the flat brim, presumably offering the best sun protection, and some hats the brim bends all the way up, maybe for the ladies to show off their big earrings. Whatever style you choose, there really is no wrong way to go, just keep the sides even or you're likely to hear "that's one ugly hat".  
When buying a hat they often need to be shaped, but you can find them already shaped for you. Shaping your style is as easy as steaming the hat and gently bending the brim until your desired shape is achieved. Here are a few ideas on brim and hat shapes

Decor, hat decor is easily the best way to show off your personality. There are tens of thousands of different hat bands and accessories out there. Bands range from simple leather bands that wrap around the crown of the hat to intricate pieces that have gems, beads, buckles, and feathers. Choose a band that is a reflection of you. You can always change out your band for a new look if you are going from the trail to a party in the same day. 

We recommend everyone bring out their hat, and show off your style when you come out to trail ride, or celebrate an event with Bearcat Stables

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rehearsal Dinner

The traditional rehearsal dinner has followed the wedding rehearsal, and is typically hosted by the grooms family. During this time family would be able to meet and socialize prior to the main event. These days the traditional wedding party only rehearsal dinner is a thing of the past. Instead we are seeing our brides and grooms choosing to include everyone coming to the wedding.

When planning a wedding, especially a destination wedding, like so many weddings are here in the Vail Valley, you have to plan on giving your guests time to get to know each other. The bride and grooms friends get to meet each other, lets be honest these are the friends that are going help get your dance floor rolling on the big day, it helps when they have had a conversation beforehand.

Some tips on how to make your rehearsal dinner a great party:

Keep it casual people feel like they are on vacation at a destination wedding, let them enjoy a few days off work, and a weekend away from their ordinary. Strict timelines, and having everyone pose for 10 different group shots should be saved for the day of.

Be original- no better place than Bearcat Stables, this is the  'authentic Colorado' experience people dream of.  Your guests might not remember what exact flowers were in the bouquets, but they will remember the great time they had at your rehearsal dinner, getting to meet your fan club. And don't forget to bring in your own personalities- specialty drinks, party favors, decor...this will help tell your story.

A rehearsal dinner doesn't need to be an entire day affair, that's what the wedding day is for. Keep it short, 3-4 hours is perfect, and allows everyone to meet, greet and be merry. There are so many great activities to experience here in the Vail Valley make sure your guests have an opportunity to trail ride, go rafting, hiking or play golf during the day.

Don't booze too hard you and your groom have a whole weekend of drinks with family and friends. The last thing you need is bags under your eyes, and a headache like your 21st birthday, when that shot try comes around, dont be afraid to decline and let Uncle Ned take one for the team, again.

Guests of rehearsal dinners and weddings receive 10% off trail riding. Call us today for availability for your rehearsal dinner to be remembered Forever and Always.