Friday, March 18, 2016

March 26th Closing Day for 2016 Winter Season

Thank you all to everyone that came out to see us this winter season. It's not over yet, so if you have been meaning to make it out to the stables for a sleigh ride and dinner you have until March 26th to come out and see why we are the Vail Valley's Best Sleigh Ride and Dinner!

The 2015/2016 winter season was our 4th year offering the sleigh ride and dinner experience at Bearcat's Cabin and was our best year to date! For the first time this winter season we offered all of our catering with the Timberhearth Grill at the Club at Cordillera! Our guests raved about the new menu and our repeat guests were more delighted with this winter's offering. A big thank you to the entire crew at the THG and wishing Chef Rigo a speedy recovery!

Driving our sleighs Nicole Godley had got her inaugural season under her belt. She did an awesome leading her team!  Gavin Selway was also behind the wheel, providing our guests with plenty of entertainment, and we even saw Leeds Butcher get up and take the reigns a few nights.

Engagements Galore! We had a record number of proposals take place with us at Bearcat Stables on our private sleigh, and we even had an entire family join in on our shared sleigh for a proposal. For a proposal that is filled with romance and will be unforgettable! Check out our engagement packages for winter and summer

Meet the Percheron's

All of our sleigh horses at Bearcat Stables are Percheron Draft horses. Originating from Le Perch France this breed is known for its strength, stability and willingness to work!

Meet the Percherons:

Frank and Jesse- brothers 8 and 9 years old

Named after 2 of America's most famous outlaws of the Wild West- Frank and Jesse James
Weighing in at approximately 2000lbs each
These 2 party animals are our staple team on the ranch, and these 2 get out to work nearly every night. Frank likes to take the lead, while gentle Jesse is all about controlling the sleigh and putting on the breaks when you are heading down hill.

Wyatt- The Sheriff of this corral!
  • Approx 10 years old
  • tipping the scales at over 2000lbs
  • Named after Wyatt Earp
Wyatt does it all when it comes to pulling sleighs for us. His gentle demeanor and drive to work, makes him the perfect fit for the private sleigh. Wyatt has been helping us with our sleigh rides since we opened. We always joke that with Wyatt you don't even need a wrangler, he knows the sleigh course so well he could do it with his eyes closed.


Both approx. 11 years
Warren Earp, was the youngest Earp brother, and had played deputy alongside brother Wyatt
Warren is HUGE! He is the largest Percheron we have had working for us, but don't let Warren's size intimidate you, he's really a gentle giant!